Major Craft Jigpara Vetical Long Slow


Asymmetrical body with great fall speed and jerking for middle to deep jigging. JIGPARA VERTICAL LONG SLOW debut!

The body shape performs with outstanding fall speed and relief of pull resistance. Even Jigging beginner can easily enjoy jigging in deep areas. The center of gravity is located slightly near the front so that the jig can move easily in jerking while providing a smooth stable attitude. It is easy enough to use even for those cautions of its difficulty. Use the LONG SLOW easily start slow jigging.

Jig Model Weight Length
JPV-LS100 100g 156mm
JPV-LS120 120g 166mm
JPV-LS150 150g 181mm
JPV-LS180 180g 192mm
JPV-LS200 200g 200mm
JPV-LS250 250g 214mm
JPV-LS300 300g 226mm
JPV-LS350 350g 240mm
JPV-LS400 400g 250mm
Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

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