Guerilla Plugger's Cooperative G2

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Guerilla Plugger's Cooperative G2
GPC lures are 100% made in Japan.
This includes the sourcing and fabrication of materials and components.
Target species includes, Tuna, Yellowtail Kingfish, Mahi Mahi and many more.


The G2 was concieved and developed as an offshore all rounder. It's tight rolling S swimming motion easily entices strikes from Pelagics, reef predators and big inshore quarry. Anglers can retrieve the G2 cross or against current for great dive and stop presentation and control. Casting upwind of busting fish, and winding slowly to mimic dying or stunned bait is also highly effective with this lure. This plug, like all GPC models, was tested in the most difficul fisheries in Japan, and we are confident it will do the job wherever you toss a line.

Material Length Weight Hook Size
Hardwood 205mm 90g 3/0

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