Sunline PE Jigger ULT8


Sunline PE Jigger ULT8

*PE 8 & 10 SOLD ONLY IN 400M*
Stronger then regular braid!
Special smooth surface processing finish on line produce smooth and almost round surface.
Minimal guide friction for fast fall rate, unique tight braid design makes the line virtually impervious to surface damage.
(EMCS) Easy measuring colour system
If two spools of 300m are ordered at the same time we will shipped as one 600m spool.


PE No. Lb Test
PE 3 50lbs
PE 4 60lbs
PE 5 80lbs
PE 6 90lbs
PE 8 100lbs
PE10 130lbs

Model – Sunline PE Jigger ULT8

Length – 300m
5 color at 10m interval
Made in Japan

  • Sinking speed (specific gravity): 0.97(floats)
  • Moisture absorption
  • No Flexibility Supple
  • Stretch (amount of stretch at breaking point): Minimal
  • Abrasion resistance: Ultra thin filaments are easily damaged by friction
  • Straight strength: Approx. 3.5 times stronger than nylon
  • Knot strength: Approx. 40% of straight strength

Smooth Surface Processing

It is a special processing technique in a bid to arrive at an even smoother surface of PE lines. With it, surface of fishing line will become lubricate and all friction factors will be decreased, and the line gets near to a perfect round figure.

Weight 0.6 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in
Line Class

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