Rave Lure 240 by Saltywater Tackle


Rave Lures by Saltywater Tackle
Designed and built for Predatory fish with crushing jaws.
The NEW Hybrid Structure design uses state of the art floating resin to enclose the buoyant wooden core.
These lures are tough as nails yet buoyant and never get waterlogged affecting the swimming action unlike most wooden lures.
Extensive calculations in the designing stages enabled us to perfectly balance between resin and wood to give you that beautiful swimming action.
The V shaped bottom ensures the lure swims straight and not spinning around which is a major cause of line twist.
Swivels instead of wire is used on the belly to make sure hook stays ON even at the weirdest angle.
Lure best performed when paired with BKK Inline single hook.
Size 11/0 on the belly 9/0 on the tail.

Model Weight Length  Hook Size Type
Rave 240 130 g 240 mm BKK 9/0 Inline Singles Floating
Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 9 × 2 in

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