CB One SSR Solid Technical Light Rod


FLEX ACTION [FB/flex action]
The flexible tip section enables delicate input, gives the jig a natural swim when hoisting, and reduces the direct input burden when operating the fall, making it easy to lift the jig. After jerking up, the rod follows and lifts the jig one tempo later.

RIGID ACTION [RB/rigid action]
A rigid action with a moderate amount of firmness from the tip to the bat, where the strong repulsive force enhances operability. Operation performance that reliably conveys the angler’s intentions to the jig, from sharp and high-impact operations to delicate inputs. A hunting shaft that actively works.

It is a specification that is frequently used in the coastal waters, which is perfect for jig operation up to 150g. It has the strength to compete with large Spanish mackerel, red sea bream, and 10kg class yellowtail. Fall actions such as Quick ZERO1 can operate up to 200g.

The 573FB, which is the standard power class of the series, has the power to operate up to 150g in hoisting and 200g in fall action. It has both delicacy and strength when aiming for hairtail in the deep area, Spanish mackerel, and yellowtail class.



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Model Length Max Jig Weight Max Drag Type Reel Seat
SSS553RB 5’5″ 150g 3kg Bait Model PTS17
SSS573FB 5’7″ 150g 3kg Bait Model PTS17
Weight 1.1 lbs
Dimensions 70 × 2 × 2 in
Rod Model



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