Seaguar Blue Label Big Game Fluorocarbon Leader

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Seaguar Blue Label Big Game Fluorocarbon Leader

60lb & 80lb comes in 25 yard spools

Line Class

LB Test Diameter
60lb .740mm
80lb .810mm
90lb .910mm
100lb 1.05mm
130lb 1.17mm
150lb 1.28mm
180lb 1.38mm
200lb 1.57mm
34% better knot strength than leading competitor fluorocarbons.
Fluorocarbon leaders' advanced strength allows use of smaller pound test vs. other fluorocarbons for more effective presentation. Incredible impact strength, knot strength and abrasion resistance. Ideal for larger species in fresh or salt water. As with all 100% Fluorocarbon products, FC Leader is much less visible underwater than monofilament line and virtually invisible to fish. FC is also UV resistant, chemical resistant, non-absorbant, high-density and impervious to cold conditions.
Made from 100% Seaguar resins and produced using our proprietary extrusion process.

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