Yamaga Blanks Galahad Slow Pitch Jigging Rod Series

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The performance required of a rod for slow pitch jerk is not just for slowly moving the jig, but for the "tension" and "flexibility" required for the jig to self-propel. The Gallahad Slow series has a unique design that creates this tension and flexibility in a well-balanced manner so that it does not disrupt the jig's free-running time or the angler's rhythm. The rod also have enormous butt power, it is also possible to fight with fish by using the rods instead of relying solely on reels. The Galahad Slow is designed to withstand bending loads even though it is a highly repulsive blank, so not only is it perfect for slow pitch jigging, but it also has a high degree of versatility to enjoy the original style of jigging.

Rod Model

Model Weight Length Section Lure Weight Line Carbon
62/4 151g 6'2" 1 pc 250g PE 2.5 99.8%
63/2 134g 6'3" 1 pc 120g PE 1.5 99.8%
63/3 141g 6'3" 1 pc 160g PE 2 99.8%

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