Shout Shotel Jig

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"Shotel" is similar to a thick "Lance". The cradle fall action triggers a byte when you set the hook back and forth. 
What is the weakness of Lance? Long silhouette wringing vigilance at Asaba. Sustainability of cradle fall in deep water, 
"Shotel" uses Cradle Fall as a weapon, and has a short, small silhouette that lets a nervous target hit in shallow places. 
In Futaba, the extra thick body suppresses the influence of the leader and the main line, and cradle fall is easy to sustain. 
What is the appropriate jerk style for "Shotel"? As with all jigs, the jig can not draw a clear line about the correctness of slow pitch and high pitch. Given the conditions for securing the target, devise settings for the tackle and hook, and how to operate the jig. 
That is what the angler decides.


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